2024 Honorees

Submit your 2024 recommendation to honor those who serve Wellesley. Honorees will be announced prior to the start of Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend.

2023 Honorees

Grand Marshal – Richard DeLorie

Chief of Staff – Rear Admiral John W. Mauger

Distinguished Service Award – Shepard N. Cohen

Community Service Award – David Grissino

Community Service Award – Melissa Martin

Community Service Award – Richard Seegel

Community Service Award – Roche Bros. Supermarkets

Dedicated Service Award – Adeline Doherty

Dedicated Service Award – Robert Furdon

Dedicated Service Award – Jeffrey Peterson

Dedicated Service Award – William Shaughnessy

Special Recognition Award – Clever Hand Gallery – 50th anniversary

Special Recognition Award – O’Neil Jewelers – 100th anniversary

Special Recognition Award – Wellesley Toy Shop – 30th anniversary

Special Recognition Award. -Wellesley Society of Artists – 90th anniversary

Wellesley’s Oldest Veterans. -Captain Keith Marden

2022 Honorees

Grand Marshal – Constantin Chrysafidis

Chief of Staff – Jim Bishop

Distinguished Service Award – Marc Waldman

Distinguished Service Award – Cathy Brauner

Community Service Award – Raina McManus

Community Service Award – Catherine Johnson (posthumously)

Community Service Award – James Rodrigue

Community Service Award – Renee Spencer

Dedicated Service Award – Patty Hickey

Special Recognition Award – Herlda Senhouse

Special Recognition Award – Marty Ryan

Special Recognition Award – Anderson’s Jewelers

Special Recognition Award – Corcoran & Havlin Insurance

Special Recognition Award – Jarvis Appliances, Inc.

Special Recognition Award – Maugus Restaurant

Special Recognition Award – Wellesley Animal Hospital

Special Recognition Award – Wellesley Recycling

2021 Honorees

Grand Marshals“Covid Healthcare Heroes”, The Board of Health & Staff, The Community Fund for Wellesley’s COVID 19 Relief Fund (CCFW COVID 19),  Sewing COVID Help Group,  Wellesley Police and Fire Departments

Distinguished Service Award– Sue Webb ,  44 years Retired Animal Control Officer 

Chief of Staff & Oldest Veteran–Willard Hunnewell, 100 year old U.S. Navy veteran 

Community Service Award– David Chapin, Retired 25 years on Board of Assessors 

Community Service Award–David Donohue, Retired 25 years on Board of Public Works 

Community Service Award–Marjorie Freiman, Retired 2 term Member of Board of Selectmen 

Community Service Award –Sharon Gray, Retired 2 term Member of School Committee 

Community Service Award — Matt Kelley, Retired 2 term Member of School Committee

Community Service Award–Regina Larocque, Retired 3 year Member of Natural Resources Commission 

Community Service Award–Jack Morgan, Retired 2 term Member of the Board of Selectmen 

Community Service Award–Lloyd Tarlin, Jr., Retired 4 term Member of the Board of  Health 

Community Caring Award– J. Michelle Grignaffini, Kidney Donor and Thomas Kelley, Covid Survivor  

Dedicated Service Award–Linda Corridan, Retired 10 year, Head School Nurse 

Special Recognition Award–Leslie Holmes, Retired 25 year President of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra 

Special Recognition Award — Max Hobart, Retired 25 year Conductor of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra

Special Recognition Award — Joyce Downes, 74 year member of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra

Members of the Wellesley community are encouraged to nominate individuals for recognition.

Click here to nominate your Wellesley Community Hero!

Weekly meetings prior to Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend are held by the Wellesley Celebrations Committee to evaluate nominations for distinguished service to our community. The 12-member committee votes on each submission.

Examples of Past Honorees

Pictured here is 2019 Co-Grand Marshal Dick Joyce

The Grand Marshal is the person or group of people selected to be the public leader of events during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend.

The Parade Grand Marshal has the ceremonial duty to lead the annual Veterans parade in Wellesley.

2019 honorees included Michael Pakstis, Co-Grand Marshal

Pictured here is 2019 Chief of Staff Dr. Larry DiBona

The Chief of Staff is the top ceremonial position in the Wellesley parade to honor military service.  

The most well-known military use of the term “Chief of Staff” is associated with The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) — the body of the most senior uniformed leaders within the United States Department of Defense, that advises the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council on military matters. 

The Chief of Staff of the Wellesley parade serves as the principal military and veterans advisor for the Wellesley Celebrations Committee in the performance of activities throughout Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend.  The honoree is selected from among those Wellesley residents who have served with distinction our Country and our community.

Pictured here is 2019 Community Service Award Honoree Paul Criswell

A person or organization selected for their noteworthy service to the community of Wellesley.

2019 honorees also included Michael D’Ortenzio, Jr., Dr. Robert Evans, Andrew Wrobel.

Pictured here is 2019 Distinguished Service Award Honoree Ellen Gibbs

A person or organization selected for their noteworthy service to the community of Wellesley.

Pictured here is 2019 Dedicated Service Award Honoree Lynne Novogroski

A person or organization selected for their noteworthy service to the community of Wellesley.

2019 honorees included Debra Healy.

Pictured here is 2016 Special Recognition Award Honoree Henry Platt

A person or organization selected for their noteworthy service to the community of Wellesley.

2019 honorees included The American Legion, Babson College, Haskins Automotive, House and Garden Club of Wellesley, St. Andrews Church, Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club, Windsor Press.

May 18th & 19th, 2024