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May 21, 2023

Wellesley Celebrations Committee, a committee of the Select Board, announced today the theme for the 2023 Veterans parade which will be held on Sunday, May 21st at 1 p.m. as part of Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend.

The committee was unanimous in selecting the theme: Birth of America: Celebrating the 250 anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

In 1773, a group of American colonists stole aboard ships of the East India Company and dumped their cargo of tea into Boston Harbor, in protest against British tax policies. The event known today as the Boston Tea Party is a significant milestone in American history.

“We are proud to honor our veterans as we organize the 54th annual Wellesley Veterans Parade next Spring,” Roy Switzler, Chair, Wellesley Celebrations Committee said. “We look forward to the special events held during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend and the opportunity for our community to celebrate together,” he said.

The Wellesley Celebrations Committee was established by the Select Board to plan and carry out activities which honor the service and sacrifice of our nation’s veterans. The committee organizes Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend which includes a Veterans Parade, a town picnic, concert and fireworks.

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