William Watson

Corporal William Watson

Rank: Corporal

Conflict: Vietnam

Corporal William “Bill” Watson earned his first purple heart being shot in his backside as he was getting out of a truck carrying dynamite on front line. His second purple heart was awarded for latoraide poising. He came home with yucky blistery spots allover. Mom said not to touch him. Don’t wear his clothes
We know it was Agent Orange. His third purple heart was awarded in service that he has not disclosed. Corporal Watson did not want to receive the purple heart awards at time of his discharge because he felt unworthy after seeing so many of his buddies killed some in front of him. It wasn’t til he became a senior that his son decided to follow through and get his well deserved purple hearts.
While Bill does suffer from PTSD, he has always been involved with Amvets and Natick VFW. He’s raised three boys, who are now married with families.

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May 18th & 19th, 2024