Renee Spencer

Community Service Award

Renee Spencer

Renee has been a Wellesley Housing Authority advocate and Wellesley resident since 1983.

The Wellesley Celebrations Committee, a standing committee of the Select Board, Town of Wellesley honors, Renee Spencer, with a Community Service Award, for her lengthy town service.

She was the President of the Barton Road Tenants Association 1997-2001, and a Town Meeting Member 1997-2000, 2018-2021.

Renee served as a Wellesley Housing Authority Board Member 2018-2021. She currently serves on the Wellesley Friendly Aid Board and a member of the Wellesley League of Women Voters.

At the State and Regional level, Renee serves on the Mass Union Public Housing Tenants Board and recently was voted to the Mass Law Form Institute Board. Renee is a proud mother of 6 and has 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren all of which are her greatest treasures. Renee works tirelessly to ensure all public housing residents have a voice in their communities and empower residents to advocate for their rights.

May 18th & 19th, 2024