O’Neil Jewelers – 100th anniversary – Special Recognition Award

Timekeeping started around 2000 BCE.  Civilizations saw the Moon and Sun moving across the sky, and they figured they just might be a business there.

Lucky for us sundials eventually led to clocks and by the 13th century we got the first mechanical clocks.

The history of clock making in Wellesley is a lot more modern.

O’Neil Jewelers on Central Street was founded 100 years ago as Fosberg Clockmaker and purchased by Al Varriale in 1956 years after becoming O’Neil Jewelers.

The timing was right for the town and Mr. Varriale.

That’s why today, The Wellesley Celebrations Committee, a standing committee of the Select Board, Town of Wellesley honors, O’Neil Jewelers on Central Street for Special Recognition.

Steve Varriale took over the business from his father 50 years ago this June and continues to run the family business.  

O’Neil is a full-service jeweler specializing in specialty custom jewelry and jewelry with colorful precious and semi-precious jewels.

Thank you, Steve you make Wellesley Square special with outstanding jewelry, watches, superb service, and a lot of smiles.

May 18th & 19th, 2024