Community Service Award — Marjorie Freiman, Retired 2 Term Member of Board of Selectmen

Majorie Freiman

Marjorie Freiman
Community Service Award

Creating a better Wellesley has been the constant focus of our Select Board. When they succeed many other successes follow, throughout the lives of our citizens. 

Today, the Wellesley Celebrations Committee, a standing committee of the Select Board, Town of Wellesley honors Marjorie Freiman, a Wellesley resident, and Select Board chair. All of us who live and work here thank you for your dedication to the town, and you make us proud to be a COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD Honoree. 

Town leaders create opportunities, hopes, and dreams of parents, children, and seniors every day. They are the essential service.  Recently reported beautifully on her amazing record.  “Throughout the nine years that Marjorie has served the Wellesley community in both elected and appointed positions, she has demonstrated extraordinary leadership, diligence, and commitment as she has helped guide the town through some of the most challenging periods in its recent history.

Her tireless energy, unflappable style, and thoughtful communication and listening have been key to moving major town initiatives forward and managing critical issues, including the most significant crisis our community has ever faced, the coronavirus pandemic.  

Marjorie will retire from the Select Board this March having served two terms beginning in 2015, including three years as chair. Over the course of her tenure she has played key roles on a broad range of significant projects and issues including the construction of 900 Worcester St. and Tolles Parsons Center, and Town Hall renovation; the development of Wellesley’s Unified Plan, Housing Production Plan, and Budget Book; the transition of two executive directors; the Wellesley Office Park project; the Hardy-Hunnewell-Upham School Building Committee; and the merger of the Permanent Building Committee with the Facilities Management Department.

Before joining the Select Board, Marjorie served on the town’s Advisory Committee (including one year as chair) and has been a Town Meeting Member representing Precinct C since 2013. Our many town boards and committees have benefitted greatly from Marjorie’s collaborative nature and sound decision-making.” Every select board leader must be the keeper of our very best ideals. Marjorie Freiman has kept that promise. We thank her for all that she has achieved.

May 18th & 19th, 2024