Community Caring Award — J. Michelle Grignaffini, Kidney Donor

Michelle Grignaffini

Tom Kelley

Community Caring Award

Wellesley cares. 

About the environment, about the town, and most importantly about each other.

We live a durable dream, to build a better life for those who those in need.

Today, the Wellesley Celebrations Committee, a standing committee of the Select Board, Town of Wellesley, honors, two wonderful people who have shown this commitment: Michelle Grignaffini and Tom Kelley, and present them with its COMMUNITY CARING AWARD.

Our common good is found in the common bonds for each other. 

Michelle Grignaffini is a life-long Wellesley resident. Giving back to her community is something that comes easy; she learned from her parents, the late Jon Callahan, and Terry Callahan who were passionate about giving to their community. Although donating a kidney is not quite giving to the community, it is when you donate to another life-long resident, Mary Jane Kelley.

Michelle Grignaffini explained why, “In January of 2019 I read a post in the Swellesley Report’s Facebook page… that Mary Jane had beat a type of cancer that ravaged her kidneys… This information struck a nerve with me.”

Tom Kelley has overcome a lifetime of challenges. At 49, Tom is developmentally disabled, undergoes dialysis for deteriorating kidneys. In the past year he has diagnosed with Covid-19. Yet gradually he has recovered. Tom has worked hard to return to his former self.

We are a wonderful town. We are rich in ideals, rich in compassion and family love and moral courage. 

Michelle Grignaffini and Tom Kelley have lived that life. 

We thank them and are proud they are members of our community.

Michelle Grignaffini
Tom Kelley
May 18th & 19th, 2024